Conquering Dystopia’s Alex Rudinger Battles for “Nuclear Justice”

The nice thing about being in two bands is that you can film a bunch of playthrough videos for them and it doesn’t get as repetitive. I may have posted an Alex Rudinger playthrough back in April, but that was for a “The Faceless” tune. Technically the last time I blogged a Conquering Dystopia drum video was in March. Slick marketing, champ.


So with that said, “heyhere’saConqueringDystopiaplaythrough!!! Wooo!!!” This time around enjoy two fistfulls of “Nuclear Justice,” and two extra helpings of feet for vengeance.

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Chris Alfano has written about music and toured in bands since print magazines and were popular. Once in high-school he hacked a friend's QBasic stick figure fighting game to add a chiptune metal soundtrack. Random attractive people still give him high-fives about that.

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