Matt Halpern Zygl Kills It in this Drum Cam Footage of Periphery’s “Zyglrox”

Let’s take a moment out of our days to admire the drum performance of one Matt Halpern, filmed a mere few days ago in Amityville, NY. It’s important that Periphery upload these videos occasionally, because the band has been so well known for their futuristic virtual guitar rigs and fancy production chops that we have to reminded: oh yeah, these dudes also play the fuck out of their instruments.


So on that note, this drum performance features no edits, no triggers, and obviously no quantization. What it does feature is a set of Mapex Saturn IV drums, including the ominous Black Panther snare (how that panther breathes on Saturn I have no idea, since felines need oxygen, and it’s not like that Evans Heavyweight head is even vented), and Meinl Byzance Traditional and Extra Dry cymbals.

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