“And Plague Flowers The Kaleidascope” by Ne Obliviscaris Is the Most Eclectic Drum Playthrough You’ll See this Week

Ne Obliviscaris don’t make anything simple: not even the spelling of their goddamn band name. But especially their musical template. We do cover the more non-metal end of the prog Spectrum here at Gear Gods, but I had to raise an eyebrow first at the beginning of this track because, well it’s a bit new agey. And yet by the end we’re in full-throttle double kick extreme metal city (the zoning district with the highest per capital amount of “bllleeerrrgggghhh” per square mile).


I guess it takes these guys a while to put together tracks with so much going on, because Ne Obsleoivicrus Ovsrub,.. Obliviscaris have been together for longer than half of our readers have had body hair, and yet their new record Citadel, will be released on November 10th by way of Season of Mist. You can preorder a copy here.

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