Kayo Dot Ron Varod “Zlida Caosgi” Playthrough…. Well, at Least “Ron” and “Playthrough” are Real Words

Kayo Dot’s 2013 opus, Hubardo, was a benemoth of a record: complex, ambitious, lengthy, and like all of the band’s output, weird as hell. I quite enjoyed it. The band’s forthcoming release, Coffins on Io, of course sounds nothing like it, because every single album in Kayo Dot’s discography sounds nothing like the previous one. But at least this time they managed to keep the lineup intact. This works in our favor as connoisseurs of riffage, because it means the band’s current guitarist also knows how to play my favorite Hubardo riff*, from the track “Zlida Caosgi (to Water the Earth).”


Coffins on Io will be released on October 14th via The Flenser. You can get your fingers around a copy by pre-ordering here, and get a preview of the band’s new music (and newest change in direction) at NPR. Oh, and while we’re at it, you can read my 2013 interview with Kayo Dot guitarist Ron Varod at this location.

*And under this Zilda Caosgi riff is my favorite beat on the album. It’s quite a good part.

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