Structures “The Worst of Both Worlds” Features the Best of Andrew McEnaney’s Drumming

It’s funny how one great performance can change your perception of a band and a musician. I hadn’t given Structures much of a listen before. I had spoken to their members in the past and was generally aware that they had released some good music, but so many albums come out each year and I haven’t really given the band a chance.


But this drum playthrough, featuring Andrew McEnaney on the skins and cymbals, really impressed me. It’s not the first drum performance video of the song to make its way online, but the production quality of the video footage is pretty high. So a question for you guys: do you have an example of a band you were ambivalent about until a song, concert, or album turned your head?

Source: Drum Hang

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  • This got me into The Faceless.

  • Touche Amore actually, I wasn’t feeling the production on their album Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me too much. The snare was compressed way too hard, the guitars had this painfully shrill, no-bass-all-treble-and-high-mids tone to them, like when you boost a dirty amp with an SD-1 with the tone knob maxed out , and it was just a weird mix to me. But I saw them live 2 years ago with Circa Survive, Balance and Composure and o’brother, and I’ve been in love with them since ^^

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