Exist Immortal’s Guitar Playthrough Turns on “The Omen Machine”

I know that we should be focusing on the performance in the video below, but let’s take a second to admire the gorgeous natural wood finish on the Chapman ML-7-T that Kurt Valencia is sporting. Seven-string teles always get bonus points purely by nature of, well ‘come on. It’s a T body but with an extra string: what’s not to love (I’m waiting for an 8-string tele to be released so we can argue about it… oooh, or a 9….). But I’m also just a sucker for pure wood grain simplicity. We may or may not be taking a Chapman for a test drive soon, so keep your eyes clothes-pinned open.


So getting back on track here, man Mr. Valencia down there gets a thick-ass chunk lumbering through the mix on “The Omen Machine,” which is a track from Exist Immortal‘s latest album Darkness of an Age. It came out a couple months back, and you can procure it at this location. The song settles in nicely for a while, just content to revel in it’s own heaviness, but stay tuned for the back half where the guitar starts going off.

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