Marco Minnemann (Aristocrats, ex-Necrophagist) Has a Rudiment for Every Answer

You may know Marco Minnemann as perhaps the best drummer in the metal and prog-rock scenes right now (seriously, if I had to make a choice, I’d go Marco), but he also just comes across as the most enthusiastic and genuine dude on camera. Who else would admit that he was barely familiar with Dream Theater’s music before he walked in and aced their drummer audition, and yet not come across as crass in the process. Oh, and he’s legitimately excited for Cookie Monster muffins. Me, I’d be like “you totally blew it by making MUFFINS shaped like COOKIE MONSTER–do you not see the logical fallacy inherent in your choice of baked goods as pertaining to the subject upon which their visage is molded!!!” But Marco loves them. He loves everything.


Drum Talk sat down with Mr. Minnemann for a lengthy 20-minute interview and performance piece. If you’re a fan of getting your mind blown not just by strange desert mismatches but also killer drumming, look no further than the video below.

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