This Revocation Drum Playthrough is Scorchin’!

Revocation’s ace skinsman Phil Dubois-Coyne is a beast of a player: great technique, hard hitter, and interesting beat-composer in a band that writes riffs that aren’t exactly a walk in the park to play along to. Phil manages to make parts that probably shouldn’t groove, groovy as all hell. Whether its a dirtbag blues riff or atonal chaos, his playing on the band’s new record, Deathless may be his best performance yet.


Don’t believe me? Whatever. Meinl Cymbals has posted footage of Phil in the studio ripping through “Scorched Earth Policy,” filmed during the recording of Deathless. It’s a little weird to see Phil play the drums with a shirt on, though

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  • Holy hell!!!!

  • You win again Revocation. Here’s my velour wallet.

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