Malpractice? I’d Say Toni Paananen Practiced those Drums Pretty Damn Well

The new thing I learned today: if your album charts at #12 on the Rumba List then you have a very successful album in Finland, not the 12th best rolling robotic vacuum. It’s a breakdown of record sales only in the specialty stores, ignoring the big chains. Neat.


Okay, so with that said… I don’t know if you caught the “making of” footage from Malpractice‘s latest LP, Turning Tides, but it was already evident from those short featured clips that the band had a hell of a record on their hands. Now that I’ve had a chance to check out most of the tracks, it seems that the product supports the evidence. These Finnish chart scalers have released a monumental slab of prog meets traditional heavy metal meets thrash etc you get the point.

This is why we at Gear Gods are happy to also be premiering this drum playthrough, featuring Malpractice skinsman Toni Paananen, swaying to the “Symphony of Urban Discomfort.” To get your hands on the Turning Tides, which was released on September 16th, you can get it digitally or, if you prefer, on compact disc, from Laser CD.

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