Get a Sneap peak into the mind of a genius.

A whole month for metal? Still not enough.

The House of Blues in Anaheim will be overrun with metal legends on this coming January 21st as Metal Allegiance

STEEEEEEEMPY, YOU EEEEEEEDIOT! is not something you'll say while listening to this.

When the Levi breaks (the news) about mixing metal, you listen.

Master of Amps I'm turning your knobs.

A skeletal rig for A Skeletal Domain

They want to touch more of your drum head, baby. Because that skin of yours is so fine.

He's Conquered Dystopia, mowed the Plains of Oblivion, and ordered Zero Phase, so what's next?

Fun Fun Fun til their daddy takes the Shred Sled away

I mean hell, there's magnets involved. And a "self-automating trap design." It sounds like you'd need a PhD for that.

One last hit of NAMM, but DDrum does our job for us this time.

Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob gave us a tour. For those of you wondering, he's my second favorite Orlando: below