NAMM 2014: Morbid Angel’s Tim Yeung as Interviewed by DDrum

How do you know you’ve made it as a musician? When you own gear that you keep in storage on another continent, just for when you fly out for shows. Such is the case with Morbid Angel‘s Tim Yeung and his DDrum Paladin kit. At NAMM the endorser and endorsee had a brief chat about his many drumsets, which also include a couple from the Reflex line.


The Reflex drums made me do a double take, because they’re made of alder. I have never in my life seen alder drums, which actually makes a lot of sense, because no one has ever mass produced alder drums before. Tim seems to like them, but I really need to check these out in person since the ads describe the sound in the usual semantic vaguery. I noticed the line “…all at a price you can afford” in there though, so I guess these aren’t considered top shelf DDrums. If anyone has first hand experience playing these Reflex shells, please chime in in the comments below. I’m deadly curious. Deadly. Like a fuckin’ snake, bro.

Source: Blabbermouth

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