Stimpy Lockjaw Album Stream – 3 Days Only!

Stimpy Lockjaw is a group that defies easy categorization. That’s a thing that music journalists say, right? Stimpy Lockjaw is a sort of supergroup, formed by guitarist Nick Llerandi (winner of the first Mayones/Duncan shred-off) and keyboardist Kevin Theodore of prog metal band Ever Forthright, along with drummer Zach Marks and off the charts crazy awesome bassist Steve Jenkins (whom we have featured before)


You know that moment in Steve Vai’s The Audience is Listening when the bitchy teacher yells, “THAT SOUNDS LIKE NOISE, MR. VAI!!!” and you think to yourself, “Awww HAYLLL NO BITCH this is beautiful music! Are you deaf?” Well, if you show this album to your smaller minded friends, that’s the conversation that’s going to happen. This is not music for the faint of heart.

There’s a strong modern jazz influence in this album, with some serious bounday-pushing tonality and rhythmic insanity, as well as some wide open space that creates a strong sense of atmosphere. Off-kilter is a vague term, but I think it fits a good half of this album for sure. The production is very jazz as well, being a bit on the dry side, sort of akin to vintage Return to Forever.

Gird your loins and click here to hear it, if you dare.

source: The Monolith

Here’s the video for their first single Asteroids:

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