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Animals as Leaders' mainman releases some info about the second prototype for his new instrument.

Jay Postones may be the newest metal musician to dip his toes in the music merchant game.

Black Sabbath's guitar-god collaborates with Epiphone for a new spin on a classic.

Kelly Bilan rips the new Jay Maas signature series drum sample pack.

Mr. Reyes has got a beautiful new signature guitar on LTD.

The Lamb of God drummer's Mapex Warbird is really something.

Plus new signature Seymour Duncan "Alpha" and "Omega" pickups. I wonder which one's which

His Ibanez JBM100 was seen in the wild for the first time at NAMM.

The original metal bassist now has his own signature model.

Of course he loves and plays his signature guitar. What, do you expect him to not practice what he preaches?

For those of you on a Remission for the best tone possible. Hopefully every palm mute sounds like Thud Mountain.

A look at the band's tracking sessions for next year's record.