Chris Adler’s Signature Snare is Beautiful

I’m sometimes cautious of artist-signature instruments, because they can occasionally be easy cash-ins for big instrument companies. Take your normal formula, slap a logo or name on it, and you’ve got something you can mark up 10 – maybe, 15? percent.


That doesn’t appear to be the case whatsoever with Chris Adler of Lamb of God’s new snare drum, the Black Panther Warbird by Mapex. Although we don’t get too much of a sense of how the thing sounds, for sure, you cannot deny how good that hybrid maple/walnut shell looks, particularly with that great artwork by Ken Adams, which was actually etched into the drum. You don’t see that every day.

These bad boys currently retail at $399, and are available for pre-order now. Check out Adler talking about the drum below:

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  • Mapex makes such awesome snares. Adler’s signature is an odd size too. 13×7 or something like that IIRC

    • Adler’s always used soprano snares like that. I’ve thought about a 13×7 snare before, but that 12×5 might be a worthwhile investment, even if I’m only playing part-time now instead of full-time.

      • I recently picked up an older 14×8 Pearl FF Brass snare that I’m in love with so I’m interested to try some other deep shell variations. The 14×3.5 Mapex BP Phosphor Bronze snare I have is amazing. Huge tuning range and awesome quality. I got it so cheap used it’s almost

  • Why don’t they play it in these fucking things. I want to hear it.

  • Mapex is underrated. The black panther snare line has some amazing, although goofy named, instruments. These newest additions are seriously cool.

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