NAMM 2014: Periphery’s Jake Bowen Shows off His New Signature Ibanez

We made sure to swing by Ibanez in time for the debut of new guitars from Animals as Leaders’ Tosin Abasi and Periphery’s Jake Bowen. Jake’s guitar, the JBM100, was particularly a specimen of beautiful construction, despite my personal distaste for Floyd Rose bridges (although to be fair it’s been ages since I played on the original LoPro featured in his model).


Back when I interviewed Jake at the end of last year he described the unique matte paint job on his new axe, and it looked great in the photo, but it was especially striking in person. The neck is maple and bubinga, and the body is mahogany with a maple top, but besides the fretboard it’s all painted that matte black, including the back of the neck which is a nice touch. And by the way, the pickups are also a new Jake Bowen signature model: the Titans from DiMarzio.

One thing I’m curious of: what does the “M” in JBM100 stand for? Mahogany? Will there be a subsequent model featuring a different wood choice? Or does it just stand for “mad sweet?”

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  • The M stands for ‘model’.

  • That´s pretty much a copy of my Signature 7 string model.

  • I like it. Ibanez keeps evolving and keeps the line fresh while other brands produce the same stuff year after year. Maple binding. Awesome.

  • Excellent color scheme. I wonder what it costs?

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