Tony Iommi’s New Signature SG Is a Thing of Beauty

Like many people, I love the classic look of an SG guitar. Surprisingly though, you don’t se too many modern metal players getting down on it (the only one that springs to mind for me is Keller from Meek is Murder), in part probably because Gibson tends to make guitars outside of most people’s price ranges.


Which is why it’s cool to see that heavy metal founding father Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath has just announced a new signature SG via Gibson’s sister-company Epiphone. Among the guitars numerous features include 24 wide frets with his classic cross inlays, Iommi’s custom Gibson humbuckers, a gorgeous black paint job, and the obvious move of placing the input jack on the side of the guitar rather than on the front of the body (one of the most awkward moves a guitar manufacturer can make, imo!). Spake Iommi of the guitar:

“This guitar sounds like I want it to sound on stage. I play it at home in the studio as well. It uses my signature pickups, which we worked on for quite a while over the years. It’s got a great fretboard with a really nice feel. And, it’s just a really classy looking guitar.”

Check out a video interview with Iommi, and learn more about the guitar’s specs via Epiphone.

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  • It’s still a chinese epiphone. You can get a great North American made guitar without being raped by Gibson or resorting to chinese slave labor.

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