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Stream the new album from the masters of jazzy prog-pop.

Quit wasting your time practicing alternate picking - there's a new sheriff in town.

Angel makes you question your guitar playing abilities with some tasty, melodic, shred metal.

We are stoked to present this MUST-SEE guitar tour of the Fall!

Check out some riffs from "For the Horde."

Nathan Camarena rips through "Story" live.

Also, he's out of Chelsea Grin.

Get in here to learn how to spruce up your lines!

New playthrough for "Ghost Orchid" finds Chris back at it in nature.

We talked to Travis about the making of the new TS album and Aristides guitars.

On your guitar obviously, get your mind out of the gutter!

Pennsylvania death metallers tear up new track "Perpetual Growth Machine."

Krzysztof Słowikowski is back.