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Here’s the best news I’ve heard all year. The cleanest and probably best living shred guitarist of our day announced today that he’s launched an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund a solo album. This is a prospect I’ve been stoked on since I heard this:

which is a banging song, but doesn’t have the production it deserves. So now when he reaches his funding goal (and he will. He fucking better. GET OUT YOUR DAMN WALLET ALREADY) he’ll have the cash to get it done right.

So let’s all join PayPal accounts and point them to the sky so he can emerge, flying through the air while shredding and proclaiming “WHEN YOUR POWERS COMBINE, I AM JASON RICHARDSOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!!”.

Make it happen.

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  • When did he leave CG?

    • like yesterday or the day before or something. at least thats when they announced it

  • Cleanest and best living shred guitarist of our day? Calm down there man, this guy is not bad but he doesn’t even compare to guitarists like Jeff Loomis, Chris Broderick, Ron Jarzombek, Andy James, Guthrie Govan (different style but damn can he shred), or even Tina S. from YouTube.

    If you want to see clean incredible shred check out Loomis’s Perpetual Burn cover, it’s literally amazing!

    That said, I like the style of the song you linked here so I’ll be donating and can’t wait for the album.

    • Agree on the fact that there are bigger guitar players! but I’m not so sure if I would point some others like Andy James as cleaner shreders, technique wise Jason is far better, IMO, Andy James has this little thing of hardly ever using the pinky. I’m not saying one is better guitar player than the other I’m just talking technique wise and I’m just saying my opinion, not trying to start a discussion or anything lol. I’ll be donning too :)

      • When Guthrie starts going full speed he seems to lose the use of his pinky too, may not be “proper” technique but if it gets the job done cleanly then I think it shouldn’t matter. Good point though

    • jason’s playing is as clean as it gets. i have worked with his DIs before, they are flawless.

      • I had an incomplete picture of his playing based on the linked song and the stuff I had seen with BoO and CG, after watching a lot more of his videos I have to say that I agree, he is a beast! Maybe not quite on par yet with Guthrie or Loomis (in my mind) but fucking incredible.

    • you might like those guitarists better in terms of style, but in terms of pure technicality, Jason is at least equivalent to all of them. With the exception of maybe Guthrie.

      • Well Guthrie is an anomaly, so that’s a given. I’m not sure though, I think Jeff Loomis in particular is insanely clean at speeds that most guitarists only dream about. But I’ve only heard a handful of Jason’s stuff, so I could just not have the whole picture. Any recommendations?

    • Tina S from youtube? Come on man. She is great but seriously come on. Tell Tina S to go do it live all over the map like Jason has been doing forever. Then we will talk.

      • That’s fair, Tina S. is definitely not as clean as this guy, I got a little carried away. I like him a lot, I just took umbrage at the “cleanest and best living shred guitarist of our day” phrase because I’m over-opinionated about it. I stand by the other guys I mentioned though (though I guess I have to admit Andy James isn’t quite at the level of the others).

        I just think if you look strictly at how impossibly precise they are at insane speeds, they are lightyears ahead of everyone else.

        • I completely understand and yes, “cleanest and best living shred guitarist of our day” is quite a lofty statement that I don’t agree with in the least. “Best” is completely subjective. There are quite a few other guys you could throw into this conversation as well. I will say, however, that he definitely is one Hell of a clean player.

          • I’ve been watching a lot more of his stuff and I have to say, I totally agree – this guy is a beast!

  • Sure the dude has technique but judging on this linked video above he really can’t write a tune

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  • Someone get this man a “dirt”-pedal… QUICK!

  • Good guitar technique, sounds like shit and horrible music.

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