ANGEL VIVALDI Shreds Through ‘The World Burning Around Me’

Angel Vivaldi and his perfectly sculpted beard are back with another guitar playthrough video. This time he’s showcasing his track ‘The World Burning Around Me’.


If you’re not familiar with Angel Vivaldi, he basically sounds like if Michael Angelo Batio joined a NWOAHM band. Or maybe if an instrumental As I Lay Dying went back in time and signed to Shrapnel Records, that’d be close to Angel’s style.

Watch on as he straight schools suckers with expressive whammy bar flourishes, and string bends with all the feels.

Frosted tips + shirt with a low thread count and scooped neck = dude who is ready to smash Jägerbombs.

This stuff is great. As a shred guitar fan, it takes me back to a time when lead guitar was not popular. A time when Rusty Cooley was carrying the shred torch via .mov files on a Geocities site and John Petrucci had short hair.

It’s the style of virtuoso guitar that you might’ve randomly stumbled across on Myspace circa 2005. The genre would be listed as Melodic/Shred/Metal. The profile background would be some purple lightning, with pixelated jpeg artefacts. The cover photo would be Angel in a collared shirt and sunglasses. His guitar would be slung over one shoulder, hanging from a bright yellow “crime scene” guitar strap. But the music would still have some undeniably killer chops in it.

…At least, that’s what I pictured when I heard this.

Stay tuned for when #MyspaceShred becomes the new #SoftShred in 15 years and Angel Vivaldi is considered the Satch of this generation.

‘The World Burning Around Me’ is off Angel Vivaldi’s re-recorded The Speed of Dark EP. And if you’re partial to shredding the gnar, check it out his merch.

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