CHON’s Homey Is the Summer Jam You’ve Been Waiting For

Chon‘s new album Homey drops today, and it’s a ball of joy. Homey is one of those rare albums that’s nothing but delicious earworms – it’s as if the dudes got together and decided to make a prog album that only had cool parts. In other words, the batch of summer jams you’ve been waiting for!


In case you’re unfamiliar with these guys, they’re a disgustingly young and talented outfit whose music sits somewhere between neo-classical shred, the jazzy elements of Animals as Leaders, and head-bopping pop. Perhaps most impressive, these guys barely use any effects pedals other than reverb, which obviously makes their technique even more naked. Nothing about this band is hidden – just try and count the number of distorted lines on Homey!

Anyway, you can nab a copy of the album here and stream the whole thing below. Enjoy!

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