Exmortus Eloquently Teach You How to Shred Like a Freaking Orc

I’m pretty stoked for the new Exmortus album, Ride Forth. There aren’t too many bands doing the whole “we’re a classic metal band but we don’t take ourselves too seriously” thing that are also actually pretty cool and not just parading around Back to the Future references to go with rehashed Sacrifice riffs. Exmortus just rip, and don’t just stand still and headbang on stage, either.


That attitude carries over into guitarist Conan Gonzalez’ riff lessons, the newest of which tackles some parts from single “For the Horde.” Gonzalez also goes to the trouble of tabbing out and explaining the theory behind the riffs – pretty cool to see a neo-classical metal guitarist who actually understands and utilizes tonal music!

Check it out below, and check out Ride Forth when it drops this Friday via Prosthetic.

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