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We spoke to bassist Joseph Rowland about his Clarke's boots and Guild bass.

Well this is certainly the coolest guitar tone I've stumbled across recently. Fans of skyscraper-high fuzz tones, inquire within.

Black Light White Light Red Pedal Gold Digger.

Wait, is that a Fender P-Bass in David's hands instead of one of his trusty Jacksons?

The new, smaller, Bulb Attack pedal is half the size, half the buttons, 97% of the fun.

I will also accept "It's a Unix System" and "I've Spared No Expense" as alternate headlines. Unfortunately "We Have a

We've met him, and know that he's a good guy.

Because using just two delays at once is amateur hour.

For when you need a bit more Muff in your Box.

Two roads forked in a metal woods: one had sweet pitch effects and one didn't.

The sacrifices we make in search of a pedalboard smaller than a child's bed.