TC Electronic Continues to Go Delay Crazy, Releases the Flashback Triple Delay

Sometimes the delay you need is all of the delay, set to maximum, running into a shitload more delay. This is not a tonal path for the meek or unadventurous. But for those brave souls who have ever thought, “what would happen if I ran a quarter note degrading tape delay into a dotted 8th and then made it stereo ping pong,” then hot damn do TC Electronic have the pedal for you.


That beautiful blue box with a crown on it is the Flashback Triple delay. It has three time-processing engines that can run simultaneously, allowing you to create a feedback loop limited only by your own insanity. This adds a bit to the cost compared to the Flashback x4 – the Triple Delay retails for $299 vs the x4’s $249, and you loose the looper functionality – but I’d wager that for a lot of players it’s a fair trade.

Like all of TC’s recent pedals, the Triple Delay is TonePrint-enabled, midi-controllable, able to be patched into an amp’s effects loop, and has not just true bypass but unaffected analog pass-through of your dry signal. You can learn more about the Flashback Triple Delay at TC Electronic’s website.

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  • I love the forward thinking of this delay pedal. I wish they’re was more user presets – know you can get crazy with midi but I don’t wanna run midi just bring up the right bpm for a song when I’m playing live.

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