John 5 on Why He Doesn’t Feel Comfortable Without the Cradling Support of a Boss SD-1 Overdrive

I’m always a little bit skeptical when a musician, such as Rob Zombie/solo/former Marilyn-Manson guitarist John 5, says “I can’t gig without X piece of gear,” especially if that unit is a distortion stompbox. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some overdrive pedals, and Boss ones in particular. I have a Blues Driver that I’m particularly fond of. But dirt pedals are like craft IPAs: there are 1,000 great companies offering 10,000 great products, and proclaiming one as “mine” or “the best” is really just a way of saying “I’ve been using this one for a long time and I see no need to change.” But generally, between myself and most other musicians I’ve met, there’s always that day when you borrow or test a different model and think, “yeah, I could see myself using this.”


Speaking of which, man, I wonder how that Waza Craft Blues Driver compares to my current one…

See how John 5 gets his guitar sound. John 5 shreds on the new Boss Waza Craft pedal : SD-1W OverDrive.

“Waza wit’ You, Boss?” “Nuthin’, ‘cept These Premium Pedals”

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