The Weekly Riff

Never heard of him? Buckle up

We don't know yet who built the ground, but we now know how to play "Perlucidus". With tabs!

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

You can Spyla cop a riff off this video.

How well can you solo while girded in chainmail? Not this well, I'd wager.

Wait, is that a Fender P-Bass in David's hands instead of one of his trusty Jacksons?

They've got the kind of riffs that made Nietzche write "The Antichrist"

The ex-Shai Halud vocalist and current Enabler guitarist gives you the breakdown on how the Hollow Earth is tilled. Tilling

This new album of theirs has quite a Buz about it.

Pyrrhon feel the noise. Girls rock your boys.

Dreamsnake, I believe you can get me through the ni-iiiight.

And the band's guitarist Brad Marr will show you the notes "One by One" as well. Never has a song

For a song titled "Echoes" there sure isn't much delay on the any of the riffs. Maybe a little