YVETTE YOUNG Of COVET Shows You “Shibuya” In This Episode of THE WEEKLY RIFF


Hoboy, you’re gonna wanna sit down for this one. Well, chances are you’re already sitting down, but you get the idea. On this latest edition of The Weekly Riff, guitarist Yvette Young of the math rock band Covet shows you how to play the tapping section from their song “Shibuya” off their latest LP Effloresce!

When we sat down with Yvette to film some riff content, she asked “Do you want the hard riff or the easy, fun one?”, to which we replied, “Let’s do the easy one since tapping can be a challenging thing to a lot of players”. And you know what she did next? Busted out this eAsY aNd FuN rIfF yOu GuYs. Yeah, okay, sure it’s fun, but in what godforsaken world is this supposed to be the easy one?!

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