THE WEEKLY RIFF: MONUMENTS Guitarist Olly Steele Shows You How To Play “Stygian Blue”


On our latest episode of The Weekly Riff, Olly Steele of Monuments fame breaks down a section of their track “Stygian Blue” off their newest LP Phronesis, which is out now on Century Media Records! This episode centers around the chorus riff, which contains a unique back-and-forth polarity between low notes and high chords which Olly demonstrates quite nicely. Check it!

If you’ve been playing close attention these past weeks, you may have noticed that this is indeed the eighth lesson video we’ve had the pleasure of featuring Olly on in recent months. If it weren’t obvious, the dude knows his shit, so it’s a no-brainer that he’d be able to pump out so many insightful and informative tutorials. While this may be the last one for a bit, it’s certainly not the last time you’ll be seeing his face on our channel, so be sure to stay tuned for what the Man of Steele (had to do it to ’em) has coming up next.

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