TESSERACT – Jay Postones Live Drum Playthrough for “Concealing Fate Part 2: Deception”

Check this killer play through by Jay Postones of the mighty Tesseract of the band’s rager “Concealing Fate Part 2: Deception”, from the UK Drum Show in rainy Manchester, England.


Pretty cool huh? Loads of cheeky things going on all over the place with this one; thunderous double kick drums keep the tune thumping along and some off-kilter handwork make it an extremely interesting watch. Although Jay looks slightly confused at points during this song I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what the fuck is going on because his playing ability is top drawer. The whole thing moves and flows very well and there’s no awkward points, even though the tune is technically pretty tricky and it all helps to really benefit the track’s ambiance, which is really cool. It also grooves like a really heavy thing at points.

Tesseract hail from Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, which is not exactly known for being a hot spot for technical heavy metal, however, these boys are often credited as being one of the pioneers of the “djent” movement and for good reason, they seem to be able to create difficult and challenging tech music with relative ease and there’s not doubt as to why they are held in high regard even if they aren’t quite as big as they should be.

If you haven’t heard of them or aren’t a fan of them (you should ask yourself why?) then go check them out, they are a band you can really get into and they always have something interesting to offer.

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