THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA performed an AUDIO TREE LIVE session this week. I hadn’t heard of Audio Tree until now, and I really dig their format. They have the band perform 1-2 songs, then have a small Q&A session, then perform another song or two.

It’s always interesting hearing the thoughts, motives, and interests from the band and members. This didn’t feel like a traditional interview, meaning it didn’t seem like the members had rehearsed or had the pretence to say specific things. The environment was relaxed and casual, and it really seems to create a bridge between how the members look on stage or in music videos and who they really are as people, and this authentic depth comes across in their live session.
As a band, TDWP sounds great. They’re locked in together and sound like one cohesive unit. This is also my first time hearing some material since their debut album. Their work has matured and is obviously different from their first albums, however, there were still moments within these songs that gave me the same feelings I had when I heard With Roots Above and Branches Below. I’m gonna go check out their new album now. You can check it out and purchase it too here.