ALEX RUDINGER’s Playthrough of “Catch Fire” is Fire


Prog metal’s hottest drumming commodity Alex Rudinger can’t be stopped. He has been regularly playing, collaborating, and showing who’s the boss-ing with what seems like every note worthy band on the circuit. He is the definition of a power house. He’s putting all of the other drummers out of work! And if that wasn’t enough, he also transcribed Periphery’s official drum book for Periphery III: Select Difficulty. This guy needs something he’s not good at. Anyway, here, he covers Periphery’s “Catch Fire”.

Alex is probably the most impressive drummer to watch. He does something I’ve never seen any other metal drummer do when they play: He plays from sheet music. And he does it in a huge chunk of his cover videos. And yeah that’s nothing out of the ordinary in music, but for metal drumming? That’s crazy talk! That and the fact that he’s singing along while he’s playing and reading all at once. Like, get a hobby dude.

Alex is a part of the progressive super group Good Tiger, and their new album We Will All Be Gone is coming out in February. Go find them on Facebook, and watch all of Alex’s YouTube videos so you can feel inferior about your drumming.

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