BOGREN DIGITAL Jens Bogren Signature Cab IR Pack Demo

Jens Bogren is a name you may not have heard, but whose work you surely have. Opeth’s Watershed, Symphony X’s Paradise Lost, Dimmu Borgir Eonian, a couple Babymetal albums – his hand has been on many a metal production, and every one has been better for it. I’m personally a big fan of Jens’ work, to the point where I hired him to mix and master my band’s single Purgatory, and it was a good decision.


So you can imagine my excitement when he decided to branch out and let us mere mortals have a taste of his production style with his first product through Bogren Digital – the Jens Bogren Signature Cab IR Pack.

As a big fan, a metal guitarist, and a daily user and major proponent of IRs – especially for those of us who don’t have anywhere to properly mic up a physical guitar cab – I just HAD to try them out. These are mix-ready type processed cabs, so the idea is that they can be dropped into a mix for different applications – 27 cabs in total – so I tried them out, both guitar by itself, and in a full metal mix. I wasn’t disappointed with the results, and if you’ve got ears, neither will you be!

Watch the video above to hear these sick IRs in action, and if you like them as much as I did, you’ll want to click this link for an exclusive 15% off coupon on the pack. Happy riffing!

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