DAYDREAM XI Serves You “A Cup Of Agony” In This Exclusive Drum Playthrough


Daydream XI drummer Bruno Giordano demonstrates immense skill and taste in this exclusive playthrough for the band’s song “A Cup Of Agony” from the band’s recent release The Circus Of The Tattered And TornBruno had this to say about it:

“The process of recording this album, was kind of a challenge for me. The drum fills, the groove lines, odd time signatures and odd accents were composed to be musical and technical at the same time. I don’t think that the drummer have to always be a virtuoso, with a lot of notes and fast playing. For me, the virtuose is in knowing when to show your skills. I, in particular, like to play some groovy lines and fill them with ghost notes to enrich the rhythm and place the fills according to the melodic lines.

I like to use 2 tom-toms (10 and 12 inches) and 2 floor-toms (14 and 16 inches) to get the same harmonic progression between them. I use 1 bass drum with double pedal, to explore the difference between right and left foot sounds. My crash cymbals are heavier on the front, darker on the right and brighter on the left. On the far right, between the 2 floor-toms, I use a fast crash. The splashes and chinas are a plus, to ride on them sometimes or give a specific flavor to the song. My ride cymbal is bright with a crystalline sound and a strong, heavy dome.

I worked hard preparing myself to record this song, because I knew it wouldn’t be easy, and because of that, it ended up being smoother that expected. I recorded in one shift, and at the end of “A Cup Of Agony” there was time left to start a new song. It was really fun to record this album, and we ended up using a few days less than original schedule.” – Bruno Giordano

Here’s a list of all of Bruno’s gear:
Evans DrumHeads:
G2 Clear (10″ 12″)
HD-Dry (14″)

Remo DrumHeads:
Pinstripe (14″ 16″)
Power Stroke 3 (22″)

Mapex Meridian Birch

Pearl Denis Chambers

Tama Iron-Cobra

Hardware / Stands:

Hi-Hat Zildjian A Custom Master Sound (14″)
Hi-Hat Orion Vizius (14″)
Ride Paiste Precision (22″)
Splash Paiste Precision (10″)
Splash Paiste 2002 Accent (8″)
Splash Zildjian A Custom (8″)
China Wuhan (17″ 18″)
Crash Paiste 2002 (18″)
Crash Paiste PS5 (18″)
Crash Meihnl HCL (18″)

Urbann Boards Drummer Shoes – Virgil Donati Signature

In-ear phones:
JBL Yurbuds Focus 400

Shure Beta 52 (Bass Drum)
Electro Voice RE 20 (Snare)
AKG D440 (Snares)
Electro Voice RE 20 (Floor Tom)
Shure SM 57 (Tom Toms)
Audio Technica AT 3031 (Hi-hat)
Behringer B1 (Ride)
AKG C414 (Overs)
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