The Weekly Riff

FFO: The Sword, Mastodon, Pallbearer.

A brief masterclass in crusty d-beat drumming!

Watch Joel O'Keeffe and David Roads throw down on "It's All for Rock N' Roll" and "Going To Hell For

You haven't seen a weekly riff like this before.

Aenimus bassist Seth Stephens lays down the death-groove.

Guitarist Sarah Longfield demonstrates some tappy-tap riffs.

Bros and Go's - you guys know that the Revenge of the Internet Tour featuring Drewsif Stalin, The Fine Constant, Aenimus, and

Guitarist Sean Swafford demonstrates some licks on a "Transcend Reality" tune.

Guitarist R.J. Ober shows off some of the Japanese hardcore-inspired grooves from one of the band's new rippers.