Furious Glenn Fricker

Special guest Glenn Fricker of Spectre Media Group and I answer all your hardest queries.

Is talent really that important in the music scene? And also, do bewbs equal views?

The angriest producer pack you've ever heard.

Drop A on a Standard Tele? You bet your breakdown-lovin' bum, boy.

First Gear Gods x Spectre Media crossover episode!

Get that Clayman tone and make it your own!

Put on your best set of ears and see if you pass the test!

Clip together a dynamic mic and a pencil condenser in perfect phase.

Tag a drummer friend who needs this, and also get him a towel to wipe the drool.

"I need to learn sweeps bad and efficient"

Furious Glenn Fricker just got a bit less furious, and a lot more stoked on his cool toy.

The age-old question.

Do you really need to spend a lot to start gigging?

At last, we arrive at the snare.