Glenn Fricker Versus the Line 6 Spider V: “This Amp Has To Die.”

Our beloved Glenn Fricker has pulled no punches with this Fearless Gear Review of the Line 6 Spider V. I love this man’s honesty and readiness to shit on everything that, you know, should probably be objectively surveyed and rightfully shat on. This, this right here, is the Line 6 Spider V review we’ve all been waiting for:


If you’re still rocking that Spider II and think it’s time to upgrade, you might want to reconsider. The almighty Furious Glenn Fricker has spoken: “This amp has to die.”

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  • I enjoy Glenn’s videos, I appreciate his tips, I often agree with him, but this was such a pointless video. This amp is for beginners who can’t tell the difference or those who can’t afford more expensive gear. Show me signed bands that use these on their albums and I’ll then agree that these amps should be critiqued seriously and not treated like the toys and practice gear that they, to me anyways, appear to be conceived as.

    • I agree. i watch his videos and appreciate what he has to say a lot of the time. However, not so much in this video. In fact if anything, as much as he tries to bash Line 6, this video just reinforced my opinion that BIAS doesn’t sound as great as everyone seems to think it does.

      • Very true. Just seems like Glenn wants to argue with teenagers about tone; give them time, they’ll get it. I’m not saying this amp sounds great, but it didn’t stop Ola Englund from pulling something worth listening to out of it:

  • Although I enjoy an office space reference. . .he should have given that amp to someone instead of just smashing it

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