GLENN FRICKER Wonders, “Can A Tele Do Metal?”

This week over at Spectre Sound Studios, the ever-furious Glenn Fricker sees if a good ol’ Fender Telecaster can pass the metal test. A Strat with humbuckers or Hot Rails does metal reasonably well (as the pickups suggest), but what about a twangy-ass Tele? In this clip, Glenn and co. are running both a Fender Standard Telecaster and a Fender Jim Root signature Tele into a Revv Generator 120. I damn near blushed when he said they were tuned down to Drop A:


"I dids not knows this was debates..."

“I dids not knows this was debates…”

If you’re not Jari from Wintersun it might surprise you, but the single coil Telecaster performed quite well here. Of course the Jim Root model with active EMGs worked beautifully for rhythm, but Tele single coils definitely have their own “thing” going on that sounds kinda rad for heavier stuff. A little less surprisingly, perhaps, the neck pickup on a Standard makes for a fantastic lead tone. I’m sure Jari can attest to that. So for the final verdict, the answer is “yes.” You can defile a Fender Standard Telecaster with your god-hatin’ heathen music.

For more doses of Glenn Fricker, you can keep up with him over on the YouTubes, or right here with your best friends at Gear Gods.

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