New Kemper Vs. Real Amp Shootout – Can You Guess Which Is Which?

It’s the not at all age old question – amp sim or tube amp? The truth is always, of course, that if you can’t tell the difference, then the sound shouldn’t be the thing that you choose based on, it should be other factors (price, convenience, what you need it for).


So then if you are thinking about making a purchase, I implore you to take this simple test to determine whether or not you can even hear the difference. Watch the video, listen on some headphones or good quality monitors and see if you get it right. If not, then maybe the sound difference isn’t so great that you should bag on one or the other.

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  • Regardless if the original or Kemper sounds better or not, here is the stupid thing: People drop $2000 on a Kemper, just to use a mediocre “Poor Man’s Mesa” 5150 preset, rather than use better, more expensive amp settings, like Engl Savage 120, and Diezel.
    Go out an buy a run-of-the-mill 5150 on craigslist for $650!!!

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