GLENN FRICKER’s TOP 5 Rookie Recording Mistakes


Furious Glenn Fricker’s been in the recording biz since 1997, which is probably the year a lot of you rookies were born. When he’s not rightfully skewering a troll or anything else equally asinine, Glenn truly wants to help out the kids, or any folks who are new to the game.

It’s a question he’s gotten time and time again, and one that bears answering in a complete video. Pulling from his own vault of recording experience/missteps, Mr. Fricker put together his Top 5 mistakes that newcomers should be fully aware of on their audio adventures. While some of these might seem like common sense, this is definitely the type of shit that you won’t even consider until it’s giving you headaches (literally or figuratively).

Take the man‘s advice into consideration and avoid these start-up pitfalls.

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Gear Gods intern Maxwell studied English at Cal Poly Pomona and has since realized life ain’t all about semicolons and syntax. He’s studying audio now, and will probably judge your music taste before your grammar.