JOYO DUAL KLONZ – Unboxing and Preview by Trey and GLENN FRICKER


Trey’s been kickin’ it in the land of free healthcare with Contented Glenn Fricker the past few days, and the dudes got together to do a little unboxing/preview of the Joyo Dual Klonz analog modeling amplifier. Touted as the “first all-tube, multipath guitar amplifier,” the Dual Klonz does what other modelers do, but with all the tube-y goodness of a quote-unquote, “real,” amp.

The amp has two channels (Vintage and Modern), each containing a shitload of modeled amp circuits borrowed from the last 60 years of electric guitar innovation. So, you get all the versatility and endless tinkering joy of a standard digital modeler through a 100% analog tube path. Plus, a really cool feature is being able to cycle through these various patches/models using an app developed specifically for the amp.

If you’d like to learn more about Joyo’s Dual Klonz – which could shape up to be a real game-changer for the tube purists who see the benefit of having literally hundreds of tones at their fingertips – check it out here.

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