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The Audiohammer Recording/Mixing Engineer (and frequent collaborator on our CreativeLive tutorial co-ventures) gives you the low down on three small-diaphragm

In this case it's a beautiful Mayones Regius 7.

When it rains it pours, huh? I threw it out there to some bands that "hey, I don't know if

Resting on the sabbath is for wimps who can't play 80 billion notes per second.

Have rising petroleum costs discouraged you from making a serious go at killing it three states over? Here's a few

And ultimately, to better articulate your melodies.

Because everyone has to start somewhere, and every musician should have at least a cursory idea on how tracking and

Another installment of "Thrash Course with Dave Davidson."

No one cool will want you to sweep. Marty won't put up with that guff.

In this tutorial he breaks down the guitar parts to his new song "I Am the Fire."

Get a head start in enjoying Brann Dailor's Once More 'Round the Sun drumming by playing it yourself.

A riff by riff lesson on how to play "L'Enfant Sauvage."

Bonus, his Star Wars action figures are up for grabs, in case you bent your wookie and need a new

They're too much awesome gear coming out, so we're taking it upon ourselves to sort out which most worthy of

9 minutes on improving your arm and pedal coordination.