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That footswitch can't be easy to step on way back there

Deathcore - it's like death metal, but with girls at the shows.

ESP is releasing very limited runs of guitars commemorating the life of Jeff Hanneman, and the 30th anniversary of Metallica's

I'd rather he talk minutes for 6 inches if you know what I mean

In the far-flung future we won't care about the wiring of your pickups: all that will matter will be the

The band has recently moved to Kemper Profiling amps.

Some teles go twang, some go djent, crunch, and/or chug ( and don't forget meedeley-meedeley-MEEEEEE!!!!)

There's going to be a lot of winners on this contest. But only one of them could be YOU.

What's lacking in technical details is made up for in enthusiasm and evil staffs.

I look forward to their upcoming thriller in which they communicate with The Dead to solve the mystery of who

Does he own any branded gear that doesn't begin with "E"? Yes, but still, our E-meter is off the charts

ESP Guitars are sponsoring a trio of meet and greet sessions with the band

Tremble! as he recounts his sinister motivations for learning the guitar

Probably ideal for if you accidentally knock a tuning peg around while climbing the scaffolding at a show so you