Metallica’s James Hetfield Talks Signature Guitars, Pickups, Recording

As many of you are probably aware, Metallica are “in the studio” (not sure what that means for this band in 2015) making a new album, and although we’re probably a ways away from some really meaty details about the recording process, EMGtv has brought us a nice little preview of the gear that will go into the making of the album.


What’s interesting to me about this interview is that James indicates that he’s mostly using his signature ESP guitars in the studio; although I’m sure they will end up having tons of different guitars on the finished product, that’s still a surprising statement to hear from a member of a band that literally owns hundreds, if not pushing thousand(s?) of guitars (see for example the band’s 2010 touring rig, or rewatch Some Kind of Monster).

Check out the interview below – Papa Het also talks about his love for EMG pickups, the band’s history, and more.

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