KROSIS: Bassist Brian Krahe Doubles Down On The Riffs In This Exclusive Playthrough Of “DUPLICITY”

Progressive metal outfit Krosis recently released their single “Duplicity” in April via Unique Leader Records! The song is a real slapper, to say the least, and now bassist Brian Krahe is here to show you how it’s done on the low-end in this exclusive bass playthrough! Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!


This tune is a great example of how a bassist can make or break a fast and heavy track and as you can hear, Brian does an incredible job of complementing what the drums and guitars are doing. Throughout the incredibly complex rhythmic passages of the song, he manages to keep things on lockdown until the very end, which is no easy feat!

The song is also a one-off single for Krosis to introduce fans to Mac Smith, the new vocalist for the band as well as introduce fans to Krosis new heavier and more dynamic direction. And if that all weren’t enough, Krosis will have a new album coming in early 2020 via Unique Leader Records, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!

About the track, Brian had this to say:

“For ‘Duplicity’ it was my goal to really lock in with the kick drum and guitars for the fast rhythmic patterns. To accomplish that for the intro riff, I chose to play the same octave notes as the guitars and use a pick to bring the most clarity and attack to the table. Since we play in low tunings (Drop F for this track) I try to save the lover octave for impactful moments. This is also the first Krosis track to feature my fretless ESP LTD B205 bass. I felt its warm tonality brought some nice variety to the aggressive tone of my B1005 Multiscale. Overall, it’s such a fun song to play and really encompasses all the elements that make us Krosis.”

As for the gear (welcome to Gear Gods, by the way), Brian is using the following:

  • Bass Specs:
    ESP B-1005SE Multiscale
    Nordstrand Big Split 5 Pickups
    37″ to 34″ Multiscale
    ABQ-3MS 3-band EQ
    Hipshot Solo Bridge
    Gotoh Tuners
    Swamp Ash Body
    Rosewood Top
    Five-piece Wenge/Bubinga neck
  • Tuning: Drop F (F C F B♭ E♭)
  • Line 6 Helix Rack
  • Darkglass Alpha Omega
  • Gruv Gear Fret Wrap
  • Dunlop .60mm Picks
  • XSPRO XS6U-14 Rack Case
  • Furman M-8L Power Conditioner
  • Behringer BX4500H Power Amp

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