Continuum Put the “Play” Back in Playthrough Videos


You know, I can be of two minds about releasing new music in a form other than a final mix. This could just be due to how I’m a crusty dinosaur who was born in the (very) late ’70s, but personally when I hear a hot new summer jam via a live video or studio demo it can elicit a feeling similar to being spoiled on the plot to some show/book/movie. If it’s not an optimal presentation, like an album cut or live performance (like actually in person, not filmed on someone’s phone or whatnot), one may be left wondering if a crucial first impression has been squandered. Is the song really hitting like it should if the sound quality is sub-par, or if not all the instruments are included?

But like I said: I belong to an older, more Jurassic world. I’m sure the majority of the tech-death enthusiast crowd will be like, “fuck yeah, a playthrough of an unreleased Continuum song.”

That would be because in the video above you can check out a playthrough of an unreleased Continuum song.

Chase Fraser lays down the gauntlet in this one – a gauntlet big enough for four players, one of whom is a wizard that needs food badly. In the past I’ve ranted about how heavily edited playthroughs are really just lightly edited music videos in disguise. Well Continuum don’t bring their jester to that court. The above video has zero guitar edits – one take, no bullshit. And just to top it off they got Keith Merrow to mix the damn thing.

I suppose that’s the point where you’d expect Mr. Fraser to drop the mic, but the guitar was re-amped so we’ll never know for sure.

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