SHATTERED SUN “Awaken” Your “Burning Regrets” With These Exclusive Guitar Playthroughs

Shattered Sun is an up-and-coming Victory Records band who fall more on the metal side of metalcore. With a healthy serving of melody and a heaping spoonful of heavy, they’ve been destroying stages around the world supporting the likes of Testament and Exodus, as well as playing this year’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.


Their dual-guitar assault pairs nicely with their layers of keyboards and Jekyll/Hyde vocals. Here’s some exclusive guitar playthroughs for you from the guys, guerrilla style – no miming along or fancy recordings for these dudes, just the raw, unadulterated power of metal.

Here’s their complete rigs:

Jessie (lead guitar)

Gear in video:

ESP Alexi Laiho Signature
VOX 1×12 amplifier

Live rig:

ESP E-II Arrow
EVH 5150 III 100w head
TC Electronic Polytune
TC Electronic Arena Reverb
TC Electronic Flashback
Maxon OD-808 Overdrive
ISP Decimator 2

Daniel (rhythm guitar):

ESP Horizon
ESP E II Horizon
EVH 5150 III
Mesa Boogie Cabs
Fishman Modern Fluence Pickups
Monster Cable
Line 6 G90 Wireless
Ernie Ball Strings
Dunlop .88 Picks
Boss RV5
Boss DD6
Boss DD7
Maxon Od808
MXR 10 band EQ

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