English accents will make me believe anything, like that a bass can have a low F# string.

This is the one of the odder rig rundowns I've seen. Stephen Carpenter talks a decent amount of mess on

The dudes take a breather from their tour with Periphery and Born Of Osiris to break down their touring rigs.

The gear isn't there yet, but rigs like this one from Hemotypsis' Masaki Murashita are becoming more common.

Apparently the guys in the band didn't know until mixing that their new album would be entirely ampless.

Welcome to the future

I guess he gets his workout on tour by just lifting the damn thing.

It's a bird! It's a band! It's - post-blackmetal weirdshit?

Stop by his "Dino House." He's serving "Dino Brunch."

His new signature pickup will be the Dissonant Aggressor.

Premier Guitar interviewed Russian Circles about the band's recording setup.

A video detailing his incredibly complex kit setup. He can't possibly have this layout memorized, right?

Premier Guitar's Rebecca Dirks recently shot a rig rundown with Animals as Leaders guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes before a gig in Chicago. The guys discuss their