What's next to him in Next To None!

One Machine, two guitars, one bass

A river of gear even Julius Caesar couldn't cross.

Interview with mastering engineer to Faith No More, Halford, Sepultura, the list goes on

Flying V's abound!

We run down the rigs of Dave Davidson, Dan Gargiulo, and Brett Bamberger of Revocation, one of the best metal

Motionless shows us the gear that makes them move.

Kempers, True Temperament, Evertune - Saxon are the anti-dads.

I swear to God I had something for this

Their whole collection is aged to perfection!

Mister You May Not

Along with an exclusive track premiere of "Run To Away From Home."

Bassist Dave Grossman shows us how to lay down the low-end goods.

A full third of Whitechapel is named Ben. Say hi to Ben and Ben!

Guitarist Eric Jernigan shows off his rig, including a custom Electrical Guitar Company Telecaster.

It's a group of girls, but don't call them a girl group.