Rigged – BUCKCHERRY’s Vintage Gear Treasure Trove

I’m sure if you follow us, you’ll know that I’m into certain things. Most of those things are new things, or at least, not that old. I think a lot of new concepts in musical instrument design and manufacture are making better instruments in many ways than they have been made.


But I also love things that are WAY outside my normal wheelhouse. There’s a lot about vintage guitars and amps that I don’t know, so when the opportunity arose to do a Rigged with Buckcherry, I jumped at it, knowing that they are collectors of fine vintage gear. I was not disappointed – Les Paul gold tops, original Fender Esquires (literally a precursor to the Telecaster – so, real fuckin old), Strats from before your parents were born, ancient Marshall stacks – it was absolutely insane.

Some of the stuff they took me through was used to record the band’s forthcoming album, aptly titled Rock N Roll (available for preorder now, out August 21st) and had been used on previous albums and onstage. The band will be hitting the road immediately following the release, and will be on tour through early December (dates available on their website).

So take a stroll down this mini rock n roll history museum as Keith Nelson and Stevie D. take you through their aged instrument collection.

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  • Actual amps!? Don’t they know that you might as well not play guitar without the newest update to your Axe FX 2 XL!

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