Sometimes when we do these, the artists themselves are too busy preparing for their show to do them themselves. We can’t fault them for this: they’re doing their job, and they want to do it well. Bullet For My Valentine puts on one hell of a tight show, and this is likely because of the amount of preparation they put into it beforehand.

When that happens, we get the truly unsung heroes of every rock show – the techs. The techs are often overlooked as the most important aspect of a show, and they invariably work ridiculous long hours in excessive conditions (we were at the Las Vegas show, outside, in 106 degree heat) to make everything run smoothly for the artists.

Because of this, the job description generally calls for some seriously level heads, and touring techs are some of the smartest and coolest people in the industry. We were lucky to have the three instrument techs for BFMV to take us through their rigs for the Summer’s Last Stand tour with Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Motionless in White (for whom we also did a Rigged). One of the techs was so modest he declined to be filmed. Take a good look at these guys, some of the real rock stars of the music world.

Get your paws on Bullet’s new ripper Venom, out now.

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