OOOOOOHHHHH BABY! This is one I am VERY excited to introduce. Probably the most underappreciated progressive metal band in existence, Symphony X has been a band for 21 years, and outplays pretty much any other band on the planet. How these five living gods came together in New Jersey of all places I will never know, but it was like the stars aligning and lightning striking a four leaf clover.


Getting to watch them play feels like witnessing those events all over again, which is slightly offset by the mild nature of their personalities. Although we were only able to get one of the three Michaels on camera, we got the total rundown of every piece of gear the band is using on stage for their current tour with Overkill in support of their monstrous new album Underworld, which is out now.

We were also lucky enough to get a detailed rundown of their front-of-house situation with FOH engineer and tour manager extraordinaire Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez, who took us through the various features of the Behringer X32 mixing board and the mics they use onstage.

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